Visiting Moab | From a Full Time RVers Perspective

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RV Moab Utah

RV Life in Moab has become very popular

Desperately Seeking Serenity

Frank and I have been loving the full time life for several years now, and when we feel the need to supplement our income a bit we focus on something with not too much responsibility in a scenic, serene atmosphere.

We have chosen locations such as; Cle Elum WA in the beautiful Cascades where we took on a Care taking gig far removed from city life and conveniently located in Washington’s back country. In addition to our own farm in Arizona we’ve also enjoyed our stays at remote country farms in both Oregon and California.

CamelBak New Arrivals

WTF Happened!

A couple of years back we were doing a workamping gig at Pinnacles National monument, CA when we decided we were ready for our next challenge. The Pinnacles gig was our first experience at workamping and that was all it took for us to be permanently hooked!

It wasn’t long before we came across an ad for a gig in Moab with all the perks we were looking for. We both love Moab, so we submitted our offer and away we went onto a new adventure.

Traffic at the entrance of Arches National Park

I often facetiously refer to Moab as Disneyland for outdoor enthusiasts, and I simply cannot think of a more accurate way to describe it. Two years down the road and not a day goes by without Frank and I reminding ourselves, “This is not what we signed up for.”

During the spring Moab is unbelievably busy with the longest of lines everywhere you go. The campgrounds are bursting at the seams and weary travelers find that there is absolutely no place to stay.

Would I visit Moab in the spring knowing what I know now? Not a chance, but that does not mean that I would not visit Moab all together. There is something about the magnificence of this place that you just have to experience at least once.

It is bitter sweet that I am beginning to think our days in majestic Moab are numbered. With that said, in the coming months I will be doing a series of posts about visiting Moab and things to do in the area.

If there are any local destinations or events you would like to see us cover, or if you have any questions about visiting Moab please post them in the comments. We look forward to hearing from you.


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