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  • Let's Talk Food Foraging | A Smorgasbord for Boondockers

    As I recall some of the beautiful places I have explored over the years I get this somewhat melancholy yearning and primal urge to be in the place I love most.  I see myself hiking in a picturesque forest and gathering some of my favorite nutrient dense foraged foods.
  • Visiting Moab | From a Full Time RVers Perspective

    Would I visit Moab in the spring knowing what I know now? Not a chance, but that does not mean that I would not visit Moab all together. There is something about the magnificence of this place that you just have to experience at least once.
  • Make Your Own Mustard | Eat Healthy | Save a Ton of Cash

    In our off-grid days we learned (often times the hard way) many things, which were necessary for our survival. Fermentation was one of those things.
  • A New Year | A New Day

    It’s the new year now, and we have made it through yet another crazy season. Both Frank and I are collectively working on taking a deep breath as we explore the possibilities for 2020.